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Half Price

eBay or Half.com - Which is The Best Venue for Your Books!
Which will give you the most money for selling your books? Ebay and Half.com compared and contrasted for the seller. On-line auctioning of your books on eBay is a genuinely good method for making the most money in a short period time. It does ha...Full Article
Make Them an Offer They Cant Refuse!
Every netrepreneur knows that the most important aspect of building a doing business is responsive leads. Whether you publish an ezine or just send occasional sales letters via email, if you do not get a efficient response, you wont have a profi...Full Article
Should I Offer Free Shipping?
Should I Offer Free Shipping? Boy, its tempting, isnt it! Free Shipping! People will see your proclamation of Freedom from the dreaded SHIPPING CHARGE imagine agonized screaming here, and flock to your web page to take advantage of THE INCREDI...Full Article

Saving money on clothing purchases!
Tips for purchasing your families clothing without breaking your budget. People are amazed when they find out that most of my families clothing comes from thrift stores or other second hand shops. It is true, we dont look like we just stepped out...Full Article
Finding a Used Mannequin
Many stores on a budget choose to buy a used mannequin. Used mannequins are a dazzling deal for several reasons. Many stores do not see the purpose in buying new mannequins when used ones work just as well. While some used mannequins might have sli...Full Article
How to Buy Discounted Designers Shoes
Many women dream about owning a pair - or, better yet, several pairs - of gorgeous designer shoes. Unfortunately, the prices charged by boutiques are very discouraging. Still, there is a certain way to get genuine designer shoes at a bargain discount...Full Article

Getting a Grandfather Clock at a Discount
Whether it is a basic bong-bong-bong or a thrilling symphony, the sound of a grandfather clock faithfully chiming the hour is music to the ears for many all the people. However, the high price tag makes the clock strikes flat for the majority. ...Full Article
Guide to Choosing Cheap Ugg Boots
Before the discussion of how to choose cheap ugg boots can start , it will be important to first define the word, cheap. If the definition of the word cheap means inexpensive, then this discussion will go off in one instruction. If, however, the def...Full Article
Wholesale Jewelry Trade Secrets #1
The 1 trade secret that jewelry stores dont want you to understand is that the weight of the gold in gold jewelry makes up the majority of its cost. This rule applies to all precious metal jewelry, including silver and platinum.In the US, jewelry is...Full Article

A Guide to Casket Stores
The advent of the Internet has enabled many casket stores to sell caskets online. Purchasing a casket online is a sizeably effective way to get a great deal and to bypass buying a casket from a funeral home. For decades, most people bought c...Full Article
A Guide to Discount Caskets
Discount casket dealers, both in stores and online, have the identical selection of caskets as a funeral home at a much lower cost. There are a variety of ways to find discount caskets. Caskets are fairly often the most expensive par...Full Article
How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Business
If you are thinking about starting your own house cleaning business, start by evaluating your present circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but how you reply will affect what you do. How much strength and ...Full Article
Budget Shopping for Kids
Its hard to find fashionable and affordable clothes for children. Here is the scoop on dressing your little bargainista in the hottest fashions for less. Dressing Girls Most of us struggle to find clothing for girls that don't generate your mo...Full Article
Check Cashing in 2005
Back in 1996 I got into check cashing and started with one store. Our filing system for customers was a 3 x 5 index file card, which I alphabetically filed in a large cabinet. As time went on, the file grew to over 4,000 cards. It was grasping to b...Full Article
Wholesale Jewelry Trade Secrets #2
The BIG Boys don't want you to know. The 2 trade secret that jewelry stores dont want you to know is that their average retail mark-up is 100 and Higher. Actually, this understanding isavailable if you dig through the SEC filing for public jewelry co...Full Article





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